ana About Ana Varela After graduating from the University of Florida in Gainesville, Ana set up a ceramics studio in the nearby historic town of Micanopy. Her process is labor intensive, involving slab construction and/or thrown pieces with a stoneware clay body.  After forming the piece she embellishes the surface with drawing, brushwork, and carving through layered slips (sgraffito).  Pieces are then fired twice in an electric kiln at 2232 degrees Fahrenheit, making them resilient for everyday use. Ana's work has won many awards throughout the Southeast, and is held in collections worldwide.  Her work has been featured in the following publications: The Best of Pottery (Rockford Publishers) The Contemporary Potter (Rockford Publishers) 500 Plates & Chargers (Lark Books) Let’s Face It (Jim Barrell) Artist Statement My main intent is to design pieces that bridge art and function. I believe the world needs artist-made pottery in order to enrich our shared human experience. Art matters enormously, especially when integrated in the everyday rhythms of running a home.  It intensifies our experiences, helps us be more open-minded to the “different”, and fine tunes the joy of living. I imagine my work as having some real effect in the world, and slightly transforming it through its aesthetic, functionality and humor--spurring fun conversations at dinner tables while we take a break from our fast-paced world.